Marriage in Thailand

The Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand regulates marriage in Thailand. The minimum age for marriage in Thailand is 20, but people as young as 17 can get married if their parents or legal guardians agree.

Thailand requires a number of documents from foreigners who want to be married, including a passport, a declaration of their marital status, and evidence that they are legally free to do so. They can also be asked to submit a certified Thai translation of their original documents.

If a Thai national is under 20 years old, they must also present their ID card, household registration, and a letter of permission from their parents.

Thai district offices or the Office of the Registrar at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok are the two places where marriages can be registered. Both parties must physically appear at the registration office in order for the marriage to be registered.

Thai law acknowledges both civil and religious weddings, but only civil marriages are considered to be legally binding. A traditional Thai wedding ceremony is also an option, but it is not required by law.

In order to make sure that all legal criteria are satisfied, couples who are thinking about getting married in Thailand may want to consult a local attorney or wedding planner.