Property Legal Services in Thailand

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Property Legal Services in Thailand

One of the best things about Phuket is that it offers a low cost of living. This means owning affordable property Legal Services in Thailand may also prove a great investment in the long run. Are you interested to purchase a house and villa, condominium or land?

With the help of Law Firm lawyers, acquiring a piece of property in Phuket is a sure win whether you would want it for your vacation place, as a permanent residence or as a viable investment.


The Real Estate industry in Thailand operates without regulations. If you consider getting a condominium unit, it would be best for you to have a Thai law firm to represent and protect your utmost interest when it comes to your investments. There are certain factors which you need to consider such as Thai Real Estate pitfalls, Thai property market outlook, and the cost of your property transfer taxes. The Phuket lawyers of Law Firm will ensure that these concerns are well taken care of.


Owning a house in Phuket will prove a great asset. But buying a house here is not as easy to do as purchasing a condo unit. There are some procedures to follow as a foreigner could not buy a house or villa right away. The foreigner has to register a Thai company first before he could purchase a Thai real estate property. Law Firm roster of competent lawyers in Phuket is always available to give assistance regarding matters like this concerning  Thai real estate property acquisition.


In Thailand, real estate has a broad definition that covers condominiums, houses and villas and land. When you want to know the size of the property or piece of land that you want to acquire, you would need to convert square meters into Rai, the Thai unit of measurement.

There are a number of ways in obtaining land in Phuket. A foreigner can marry a Thai and they can purchase land as a couple. Another method is through a leasehold villa agreement. This method is considered to be the most simple and straightforward way as opposed to purchasing land through a Thai Limited company where you have a number of shareholders who may have different interests from yours.

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